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Gods of the 21 th century

The meaning of pantheon: all of the gods, their temple.

The Pantheon in Rome was erected as a residence for the gods, the Parisian Pantheon, too, was built as a church but later became a memorial to humans – philosophers, writers and politicians. The European Pantheon does not have a dome opening on the sky. And the gods are gods: everyday bits and pieces, used objects, junk...

Our fallible things bearing the names of gods, memories, symbols. In the same way, humans are symbols in times of need. And in the inter-reliant, narrow space-time the foreheads of humans and gods very nearly touch.
Apollo of ArtaApollo of BruxellesApollo of CalbeApollo of DarmstadtApollo of DoverApollo of FloranceApollo of GentApollo of GuardaApollo of IngolstadtApollo of KalamataApollo of KaliszApollo of KladnoApollo of KlagenfurtApollo of LeviceApollo of MiresApollo of NancyApollo of SalernoApollo of SevilleApollo of SopronApollo of TallinnApollo of TernopilApollo of VilniusApollo of WexfordAres of GroningenAres of KristiansandAres of MantuaArtemis of LangenAthena of CraiovaAthena of GironaAthena of GrevenaAthena of HagenAthena of MansfieldAthena of Nienburg GroupAthena of NitraCeres of TübingenCeres of ViborgCeres of WarsawCeres of ŽilinaDiana of BlanskoDiana of CarcassonneDiana of KasselDiana of LanarkDiana of LeobenDiana of MiletoDiana of TolminDiana of ValjevoDionysos of HevesDionysos of MessinaDionysos of SambirDionysos of StockholmDionysos of TrikalaDionysus of LudbregDionysos of New York Et AliaDionysus of New YorkHades of BudapestHera of PopradHermes of LocarnoHermes of LyonHermes of NikaiaHermes of TampereHermes of TimişoaraHermes of ZadarHestia of LeidenJuno of SibiuJupiter of BerehoveJupiter of DurresJupiter of JevagaJupiter of KievJupiter of MádJupiter of MannheimJupiter of NardaJupiter of SaloJupiter of SiegenJupiter of SmolenskJupiter of VendômeJupiter of WrocławMars of GlasgowMars of KumanovoMars of LübeckMars of ReimsMars of San SeveroMars of SvodnaMars of ThassosMars of VardeMercury of BergamoMercury of KarádMercury of LavalMercury of SaluzzoMerkury of KistelekMinerva of BraşovMinerva of GdanskMinerva of GotlandMinerva of HomelMinerva of LausanneMinerva of LisburnMinerva of MariazellMinerva of OsijekMinerva of PatrasMinerva of PescaraMinerva of SoltMinerva of TilburgMinerva of ValenceMinerva of VeniceNeptune of BeraneNeptune of JelkaNeptune of LinzPluto of KošicePluto of MegaraPluto of SentaPoseiden of EdessaPoseidon of ArlesPoseidon of HalmstadVenus of ArezzoVenus of CordobaVenus of HeraklionVenus of ItéaVenus of KrāslavaVenus of LeksandVenus of LitochoroVenus of MakóVenus of PerugiaVesta of MonorVulcan of IvanovoVulcan of LannionVulcan of LermaZeus of AlicanteVulcan of LingenZeus of BudapestZeus of LicataZeus of ErdingZeus of KrakowZeus of PragueVulcan of BiałogardVesta of MonorVesta of PilisVesta of RouenVenus Of NegreniVenus of ParisVesta of BalzanVesta of BardejovVesta of Bergen